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The following is a list of achievements that can be earned in the Steam and iPad versions of Papers, Please.

Token AchievementsEdit

  • Antegria Token
    Collect the hidden Antegria Token (day 5)
  • Arstotzka Token
    Collect the hidden Arstotzka Token (unlocked on day 16; prerequisite events on days 1215)
  • Impor Token
    Collect the hidden Impor Token (day 4)
  • Kolechia Token
    Collect the hidden Kolechia Token (day 25)
  • Obristan Token
    Collect the hidden Obristan Token (day 4, 6, 8 or 11)
  • Republia Token
    Collect the hidden Republia Token (unlocked on day 23; prerequisite events on days 2122)
  • United Federation Token
    Collect the hidden United Federation Token (day 30)

Hidden achievementsEdit

These achievements are not visible until you earn them.

  • Member of the Order
    Help EZIC overthrow the government (ending 19)

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