The Antegrian husband and wife are two consecutive entrants on day 5 who are fleeing from the tyranny of their home country of Antegria.

The husband is the eighth entrant and enters the inspection booth first with valid papers in an attempt to show the inspector that his wife should also be admitted.

His wife then enters the booth second (as the ninth entrant) after her husband, but she does not have an entry permit and so does not have the required papers. If the inspector asks for her entry permit, she will desperately plead to him to let her through because the Antegrians will kill her. Approving her entry after the interrogation causes her to give the inspector the Antegria token with her thanks and unlocks a related achievement but will also lead to a citation for ignoring the lack of an entry permit.

Approving her entry without interrogation also unlocks the Antegria token and the achievement.




  • [inspector] What is the purpose of your trip?
  • Today is beautiful day, my friend.
  • We finally become free from Antegrian tyranny!

If approved:

  • Thank you so much!
  • Please be kind to my wife, she is just after me.

If denied:

  • No! They will kill us!
  • Please, I beg you.
  • Let my wife pass. She is coming to you next.


If her husband was rejected:

  • Why did you turn my husband away?
  • I will not leave him to die.
  • You have doomed us both.
  • [leaves on her own]

If her husband was let through:

  • Did you see my husband?
  • He made it through, yes?

Upon interrogation:

  • [inspector] Where is your entry permit?
  • Please, I beg you.
  • They would not give me permit. I have no choice.
  • I will be killed if I return to Antegria.

If denied:

  • Why?
  • You have doomed me.
  • [leaves]

If approved:

  • Thank you.
  • We will not forget.
  • [hands the inspector the Antegria token and leaves]

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