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Aparment building intro
Comforts of modern gray high-rise concrete housing blocks are waiting for the inspector and his family in East Grestin.
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An apartment is where the inspector and his family live while in East Grestin. Their initial apartment is provided to them when the inspector is appointed after the October 1982 Labor Lottery. Their apartment building (or one similar to theirs) is briefly shown but their own apartment is never seen.


The apartment affects gameplay at the end of each day as daily rent and heating expenses depend on the class of the apartment. A better apartment costs more without providing any benefits, so upgrading only makes sense when trying to unlock the Worker's Best Steam achievement.

An option to move to a better and more expensive apartment becomes available occasionally (see forum for unconfirmed theories). Moving to a new apartment costs 100 credits. Downgrading to a lower-class apartment refunds 75 credits and will be available on the day after the move-in.

Available apartmentsEdit

  • Class-8 - This is the initial apartment provided to the inspector and his family at the beginning of the game.
rent: 20 credits / day (25 credits / day from day 4 onwards)
heat: 10 credits / day
total: 30/35 credits / day
  • Class-7 - Available at the end of day 12 at the earliest.
rent: 30 credits / day
heat: 10 credits / day
total: 40 credits / day
  • Class-6 - Available at the end of day 17 at the earliest, if already living in a class-7 apartment.
rent: 40 credits / day
heat: 5 credits / day
total: 45 credits / day
Class 5 apartment
Who cares about bombs when you could move to class 5??
KatecapsizeAdded by Katecapsize
  • Class-5 - Available at the end of day 22 at the earliest, if already living in a class-6 apartment. Class 5 is "the best a worker can have" and moving in unlocks the Worker's Best Steam achievements.
rent: 50 credits / day
heat: 0 credits / day
total: 50 credits / day

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