End of beta.


The beta only has one ending (ending 1 of 20)


This Stamp bar is different with the full version.

Several beta builds of Papers, Please were released during the game development. The beta builds are free, and were once available for downloaded from, but have since been made unavailable from the provided link. Unlike the release version, betas support user-created mods. The assets needed to alter graphics and in-game text (names, etc.) are available for free on the beta download page.

The latest beta (0.5.13) ends at the end of day 8 and some of the content is slightly different from the full version.

List of differences Edit

  • Shaddy Safadi's lines are slightly different in the early versions of the beta.
  • Workers who have an expired work pass can be arrested.
  • Forged entry permits and work passes can appear on day 8. This will not happen until day 11 in the release version.
  • Feminine male or masculine female entrants cannot be arrested.
  • The EZIC Messenger will not show up. Instead, a randomly generated entrant delivers the paper on day 8.
  • The date on the entry approval and entry denial stamps are always 23rd November, 1982.
  • The data pages of all foreign passports are different from the release version.
  • Entrants flee after they hear gunshots on day 2.
  • Entrants do not flee during the terrorist attack on day 6.
  • Only the first booth upgrade (hit space bar to enter inspection mode) is available on day 2. The next upgrade would become available at the end of day 8 in the full version.
  • Official bulletin has instructions for booth, but they are not shown in rulebook until day 8.
  • Beta version does not have diplomatic seals.
  • Volume and screen size cannot be adjusted.
  • Minor variations in sprite artwork, primarily simpler palettes and a larger use of dithering.

Beta passportsEdit

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