A citation without penalty.

An M.O.A. citation is a document given to the inspector should they violate immigration protocol. This is done in following cases:

The inspector can choose to violate protocol and receive a citation on purpose to receive tokens, bribes or to trigger or to avoid certain events. For example, permitting Elisa Katsenja to enter (even though she only has her passport) will allow her to reunite with Sergiu, and the inspector will receive a gift of 100 credits at the end of the following day if he gave her the locket, or will give it to Sergiu on the following day and recieve the 100 credits after the day's end.

Citations cannot be completely avoided because the encounter with Jorji Costava on day 29 will always lead to a citation.[1]


Receiving a citation means the inspector will not get paid the usual five credits for that entrant. The first two citations given each day are warnings and carry no sanctions beyond the loss of salary. After two citations, the inspector will be penalized for each visitor processed wrongly. The next two citations will lead to a penalty of five credits. After that, each subsequent citation will increase the penalty by five credits (so the pattern is 0, 0, 5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on). The citations reset every morning. The number of citations alone does not end the game, but the game will end if the inspector cannot pay the penalties and runs out of money (ending 1).

The number of citations affects the plaques of recognition the inspector can receive but this has no effect on actual gameplay.


Not an exhaustive list.

Citation text Notes
Passport not confiscated Can only be received on days 2431.
No entry from Antegria Can only be received on day 1.
No entry from Republia Can only be received on day 1.
No entry from United Fed Can only be received on days 1 and 25.
No entry from Obristan Can only be received on day 1.
No entry from Impor Can only be received on days 1 and 19.
No entry from Kolechia Can only be received on day 1.
Invalid weight- Possible smuggler admitted
Wanted criminal admitted Day 14 and after.
Incorrect purpose response
Incorrect visit duration response
Entrant holds conflicting passports When Nathan Cykelek is approved.
Passport: Non-matching photo
Id Card: Non-matching photo
Forged entry permit
Forged work pass
Forged access permit
No diplomatic access to Arstotzka
Forged diplomatic auth
Forged asylum grant seal
Necessary vaccine expired
Missing necessary vaccine
Name does not match record
Alias does not match record
Fingerprints do not match record
Cobrastan is not a real country If Jorji Costava is approved on day 4.



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