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The detention button.

The authority to detain entrants is given to the inspector under certain conditions, usually when an entrant presents forged or stolen documents. Detaining is possible since day 5 in story mode.

Situations for detentionEdit

The inspector is able to detain a person after identifying a discrepancy involving at least one of the following conditions:

In story mode, there are several cases where a detain button appears outside these conditions, such as a person refuses to leave the booth.

In some cases, when the inspector attempts to detain someone, the person may refuse to leave the booth, therefore, a guard has to apprehend the person. This basically means knocking them unconscious with their rifle and dragging them out of the booth.

The inspector cannot detain people with following discrepancies in their documents:

  • The person is missing required documents.
  • Documents are expired.
  • Certificate of Vaccination does not have an up-to-date polio vaccination.
  • The entrant's Work Pass will expire before the expiration of time limit imposed by the duration field of the Entry or Access Permit.

Wanted Criminals Edit

Wanted criminals appear on the wanted list. There are only two instances (both scripted; see Vince Lestrade and Simon Wens) where the crime a person on the list has committed is mentioned. If interrogated, procedurally generated entrants on the list usually tend to threaten the inspector or to answer in an evasive way. However on day 14, the first person to be detained for this reason is clearly surprised to be called a criminal. This gives space to speculation that rather than having committed a crime these people may well be political dissidents.

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