The most recognizable entrant with an excuse is Jorji Costava, who apparently has business in Arstotzka.

Occasionally an entrant will provide an excuse as to why they must enter Arstotzka. There are varying degrees to the plausibility and the urgency of these excuses but, in any situation, the inspector must weigh his moral obligations to his professional obligations and determine a verdict of approval or denial of the entrant.

The inspector will be issued with a citation if they choose to ignore the papers' faults and allow the entrant to enter.


Although the inspector will be given a citation for letting unauthorized entrants into Arstotzka, there is a small compensation in that some entrants (the ones with developed excuses or sob stories) will reward the inspector's kindness with credits or a token that represent the country they are from.

Scripted entrants who will give an excuse to enterEdit

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