The unnamed inspector is the main protagonist and player-character who works as an immigration inspector for the Ministry of Admission of Arstotzka. [1] He only appears in a family photo with his son, wife, mother-in-law, and uncle and as a silhouette at the beginning of most days when he is walking towards the booth. Another Arstotzkan border inspector was featured in a pre-release mini game and should not be mistaken for the protagonist of the main game.


The inspector is from a village called Nirsk[2] and it is likely that he moved to Grestin just for his position, since his parents still live there[3] and his family will move back there if something happens to him.

The inspector's name is drawn in the 1982 October labor lottery and he is assigned to work at the Grestin border checkpoint. A Class-8 apartment is given to him and his family.[4]

Eventually, the inspector may become an anti-government agent,[5] a loyal bureaucrat,[6] flee the country for snowier pastures,[7] get fired,[8] or get arrested and/or die.[9]


At the end of each day, the inspector is expected to have enough credits to cover his entire family's needs, which include heat, food, and possibly medication if someone has fallen ill. His family consists of his mother-in-law, uncle, wife and son.

The inspector also has a sister, who is arrested on day 21 for an unknown reason. It is possible to adopt her daughter, but it will cost 40 credits. She will be added to the number of family members the inspector has to care for, but the day after she is adopted, she will bring her mother's savings with her, which will add 100 credits to the inspector's available cash.


  • He begins working at the checkpoint on November 23rd, 1982.
  • His son's birthday is December 11th.
  • His information audit takes place on December 24th, 1982.
  • His prison cell number (if incarcerated) is 918533-6124 no matter what date or action he is imprisoned for.


See interrogation transcripts, articles for each day and character articles for additional lines. Every entrant is greeted with Papers, please.

When an Arstotzkan is approved:

When a foreigner is approved:

  • Cause no trouble.

When searching an entrant:

  • You have been selected for a random search.
followed by one of the following:
  • Face the scanner.
  • Turn towards the scanner.

When handing a passport seizure slip to an entrant:

  • [entrant], one of the following:
    • Where is my passport?
    • My passport?
    • Passport?
    • What is this slip? Where is passport?
  • It is being confiscated.
  • [entrant], one of the following:
    • How will I travel?
    • What should I do?
    • Why?
    • You cannot do this.
  • Contact number on slip.


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