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  • Hey there! I've noticed that you're responsible for some pretty cool features on the wiki. That's pretty neat.

    So, I'm planning on starting a project quite soon. After the day pages are finished. I'd like to create a transcript for each day, to record all of the unique dialog in the game (and perhaps the not-so-unique dialog like detainment messages and such). 

    I'm not contacting you specifically because you appear to be familiar with the coding of wiki stuff, though I'm already thinking of ways that could definitely help. I'm more just contacting you because you seem pretty active here and there aren't so many people here that I can personally contact everybody.

    I'll be making a blog post about this soon, so you can read about what I have in mind shortly. Also, on my user profile page, I've already written a bit about it so if you're interested you can take a look at that in the meantime.

    I do have one question that I think you might be able to answer, though. I've seen on other wikis a sort of segmented article (kinda like user pages) where there are tabs at the top of the page. Do you know how to create that sort of effect? Also, I guess while I'm on that note, do you think that'd even be a good place to put dialog? (I'll probably ask that same question while writing the blog post, so you don't have to answer that one here. Maybe just answer it when I've made the post.)

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    • Sounds good, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. And thanks for the message, it'll be good to have someone to discuss ideas and plans for the Wiki with - I have a few myself, too.

      I do know how to create a basic tabber, if that's what you're talking about; it's a simple code, but the one thing that bugs me is I haven't found a working code that overrides the default look of it. I can set the width, but not the color for the tabs, which defaults to white/blue, and that doesn't match the current theme of the Wiki.

      I put an example of it here. I'll have to get back to you on the second part of that question, though.

      While we're talking about the maintenance of the Wiki, I have something I've been meaning to ask someone, too. What do you think about all the cities pages? I think they're kind of unnecessary, they're just pages with one line stating "(city name) is a city of (country)", with the exception of the East Grestin page. I think they can all be compiled onto one page, something like that. 

      I think I might ask the admin to enable the forum feature here as well, it'd make discussions between all members easier. 

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    • Yes, the tabber is what I was thinking about. It's a shame that the defaults don't match. I don't know if we'll need to use it... and I'm thinking based on the mismatched theme problem alone that we should probably look into other options.

      As for the cities, my initial thought was "Well, why don't we just merge all content on each of the cities' pages onto the page of the country they're located in?" but then I realized that the result of doing that would just make all of the content those pages have to offer redundant. With the exception of both Grestin pages, actually. The West Grestin page also has useful content. I think perhaps Republia is a good role model for what most of the countries should look like. 

      And yes, the forum feature would be a great tool. I can see a lot of good uses for it.

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    • They are redundant, my thought would be to delete those pages after merging the content, and adding redirects if anyone searches for a particular city, since they aren't even stub articles. We'll see how it goes for now though, like you said East/West Grestin pages do contain more than one line of information, perhaps the other cities/districts can be expanded a little as well. 

      I'll still look into the tabber issue on the side, I've seen other Wikis replace the colors, and I've been trying to implement it on The Last of Us Wiki, too, anyway. The override codes I've seen just look insanely complicated for something so simple, haha.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Papers Please Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Template:Infobox Game page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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