This page is about names as information; See list of names for removed names and current names in the game files.
Name discrepancy

An asylum-seeker trying to enter Arstotzka with a fake name.

Name is one of the information fields in every document used by entrants. This makes them important as a document feature. Most of the entrants and other characters in the game have both first name and last name.

Most names are randomly drawn from a set of five lists. There are also several characters who have a fixed name that stays the same every playthrough.


Discrepancies in names are identified by comparing names that appear on the documents an entrant presents. If two different names occur, they must be pointed out in the inspection mode. This triggers a brief dialog and brings up an option to check entrant's fingerprints. The fingerprint slip contains known aliases of the entrant, if any. If this does not solve the discrepancy, the entrant can be detained. Name-related discrepancies on documents presented by a single entrant are:

  • two completely different names
  • completely different first or last names
  • one-letter difference in first or last name

The name field appears in every single document presented with the exception of the ID supplement.

Unnamed charactersEdit

The game has several characters whose full name is never seen or mentioned, most notably the inspector himself. Other unnamed characters are EZIC messengers, the Man in Red, the vengeful father, the Kordon Kallo impersonator, the Obristan inspector (seen in endings 16 and 18) and the inspector's family members. Partially named characters are Calensk, M. Vonel, Dimitri and Julia (the daughter of the vengeful father). Sergiu Volda has a last name in the game files but it is never brought up in the game.

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