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Republia is a relatively small land-locked country surrounded by Antegria, Kolechia, Impor and the United Federation. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka.

Cities in RepubliaEdit

  • True Glorian – Antegria has a city called Glorian
  • Lesrenadi
  • Bostan - Possible reference to Boston, Massachusetts

In The Republia TimesEdit

A country with the same name is also featured in The Republia Times, another game created by Lucas Pope. Republia, despite being land-locked in Papers, Please, fields a large navy and has natural disasters taking place along its coastline in The Republia Times, indicating that the game may take place in a universe slightly similar to Papers, Please or in the same universe but several years after the events depicted in Papers, Please. According to the latter hypothesis it is also possible the events in The Republia Times are set before Papers, Please, but it's worth noticing that in the former game it is suggested internet is a widespread phenomenon, while it was not still the the case by 1982, the year Papers, Please takes place.

It is explained that Republia was recently at war with Antegria. In the aftermath of the war, the Republian kayaking team and the fashion designer Crevy Crevy defected to Antegria. Republia is locked in a cold war style rivalry with Antegria, and is plagued by rebels. Republia's film industry is known as Cherrywood.

Similar to Papers, Please, mysterious rebels will try to persuade the player to help them. If successful, the rebels take over Republia and change its name to Democria (and then back to Republia if the same game played again with the new government).

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