Shaddy Safadi is a Kolechian smuggler who shows up as the seventh entrant on day 7. When the contraband he has on him is detected, he will make an excuse, claiming that it is simply harmless medicine. If the inspector approves his entry, Safadi gives 10 credits (5 in the latest beta) as a bribe, but a citation will be given.


When the contraband on him is pointed out in the inspection mode:

  • Slow down my friend.
  • I have only harmless medicine.
  • I give you 10 credits to let me through.[1]

If detained:

  • [inspector] You cannot bribe an officer of Arstotzka.
  • They must pay well for such obedience, dog.[2]

If allowed to enter after the contraband is found:[3]

  • Excellent.
  • As I promised.
  • [gives the inspector 10 credits and walks away]

If denied after the contraband is found:[3]

  • Why you turn down good money?
  • [inspector] You are lucky to escape arrest.
  • [inspector] Do not come back.



  1. In the beta, he says, I give you 5 credits if you let me through.
  2. In the beta, he says, I hope they will pay well for your obedience, dog.
  3. 3.0 3.1 In the beta, he will say this even if the contraband on him is not discovered.

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