Shae Piersovska is a female diplomat from Kolechia who will attempt to cross the border on day 25. She identifies the M.O.A. East Grestin supervisor by his first name and sympathizes with the inspector on the grounds that he is a terrible boss. It is implied that she and the supervisor are lovers, and she hopes that he is less energetic than the last time they met.


On day 20, during an inspection of the checkpoint, the supervisor warns the inspector to let Piersovska through once she arrives.

Piersovska is the ninth entrant on day 25. Her Diplomatic Authorization does not include Arstotzka, but detaining her leads to ending 12, ending the game. For this reason, the inspector needs to either deny or approve her entry for the game to continue. Denying her entry will make the supervisor angry during his next visit but will not lead to a citation (as her papers are not valid). Approving entry will lead to a citation but also does not affect gameplay.



  • How is Dimitri?
  • I hear he runs checkpoint now.
  • It looks like somewhere he would fit in.
  • I bet he is still terrible boss.

If approved:

  • I hope Dimitri tires more easily now.
  • I do not want to stay long in Arstotzka.

If denied:

  • You know, Dimitri asked me to come.
  • Said I would get through.
  • But I guess he is not so much in control.

When option to detain her becomes available:

  • Ah, I would not do that.
  • Dimitri is not forgiving person.

If detained:

  • I am no fool.
  • This is inconvenience, but I am not worried for myself.
  • Tell Dimitri I said hello.

Trivia Edit

  • Shae Piersovska is named after the independent game developer Shay Pierce.

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