• So, I have wondered a lot about what kind of minestries that are in Arstotzka. I've pondered upon what were missing. So first lets have a look at what kind of minestries we have which are also mentioned in the wiki:

    M.O.A: Ministry of Admission, in charge of border control and foreing policy, and supplies almost all necesarry documents needed to enter Arstotzka.

    M.O.L: Ministry of Labor, in charge of working conditions and emplyment in Arstotzka, as well as supplying work passes for immigrants.

    M.O.I: Ministry of Information, in charge of gathering intelligence and goverment investigations, aswell as possible spying upon enemy countries.

    M.O.J: Ministry of Justice, in charge of guard services and police force and wanted criminals, international and national.

    M.O.H: Ministry of Health, in charge of public health services and disease control, along with supplying certificates of vaccination.

    M.O.I: Ministry of Income, investigates anomalies in the peoples income. Citizens may file reports about sudden increase in someones wealth. (Those bastard.)

    M.O.T: Ministry of Trade, in charge of national and international trading and merchantile actions.

    M.O.A: Ministry of Agricultere, possibly in charge of agricultural districts and farming stuff.

    M.O.P: Ministry of Propaganda, in charge of well, propaganda.

    M.O.S: Ministry of Stamps, in charge of providing all those denial stamps.

    M.O.R.E: Ministry Of Recreation and Entertainment, possibly in charge of TV channels, radio channels and general entertainment like cinemas and theatre.

    Now there is one the wiki does not mention, but is however noted in the newspaper article on Day 15: The M.O.F. or Ministry of Finance. From the name it would be quite easy to guess what it does, although it might be that Mr. Pope had that name from the start, the changed it to Ministry of Income, but forgot to change the name in that article. 

    Now the fun begins... What ministries are we missing here, from a realistic standpoint?

    Lets find out:

    M.O.D: Ministry of Defense, in charge of all Arstotzkan armed forces, expect for the police.

    M.O.P: Ministry of Production, in charge of industry and fabrication.

    Any more that you think will need to be added into the minitries of glorious Arstotzka?

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