token is a small silver coin of appreciation given to the inspector by various entrants, generally for doing something honorable for the entrant. The tokens will not increase the inspector's payment, and cannot be sold. They are only collectibles and will be shown at the end of the day.

There are seven tokens in the game and all have linked achievements:

  • Impor token: Day 4, the fifth entrant is a woman from Impor who says she is excited to see her son. Point out the discrepancy in her papers, then grant her access anyway. Doing this task results in a citation.
  • Antegria token: Day 5, the eighth entrant, an Antegrian man with proper papers, says his wife is next and asks to allow her. Her papers are wrong. Point out the discrepancy, then allow her anyway. Doing this task results in a citation.
  • Obristan token: Allow Jorji Costava entry by day 11. He shows up three times with invalid papers (on days 4, 6, and 8) but has proper papers on day 11 when it is possible to get this token without a citation. In the latest beta version, the Obristan token could be achieved by letting Jorji Costava in on day 4 with his fake passport.
  • Arstotzka token: Day 12, the fourth entrant, an Arstotzkan named Messof Anegovych, gives you four business cards to give to engineers. Distribute all four on days 12–15 before he returns on day 16.
  • Republia token: Day 21, the sixth entrant, Danic Lorun, asks you to allow him entry without valid papers and offers his watch as collateral. To get the token, grant him entry and hold on to the watch. Do not sell it even though the game provides two options for this (the ninth entrant on day 22 and the fifth entrant on day 23 offer to buy it). On day 23, Lorun will return. Give him the watch, and he will give you a bribe. He will then complain the watch is scratched and ask you to return the bribe. Do so to receive the token (and the bribe anyway).
  • United Federation token: Day 29, a man will give you a photo of his daughter and ask you to confiscate Simon Wens' passport but allow him entry. On day 30, as Simon Wens attempts to enter as the third entrant, do as instructed. Make sure you do not arrest him. When the man returns later in the day, give him Wens' passport. To avoid a citation, confiscate the passport again and give the man an approved passport seizure slip instead.

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