The United Federation (sometimes shortened to United Fed.) is a country to the west of Arstotzka. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka. Entrants from United Federation are identified by a blue passport with a silver emblem on the front. 

A polio outbreak in United Federation on day 25 causes Arstotzka to require an up-to-date polio vaccination from all entrants since day 26.

As with the other countries, not much background information is given in the game. An ex-inspector on day 18 explains that the United Federation uses computers for their inspecting, which is what replaced them, maybe implying that computers are making people obsolete and therefore causing unemployment. There is no other indication of this or the level of technology in other countries.

During the game a wanted prisoner/criminal by the name "Simon Wens" escape's the United Federation prison and come to the border on day 30.

Issuing Cities in United Federation Edit

  • Great Rapid
  • Shingleton
  • Korista City


The name, The United Federation, complete with a blue and silver color scheme is a possible allusion to The United Federation of Planets in Star Trek.

The use of the word "United" and "Federation" could also be an allusion to the country of Russia, as during the Soviet era it was called the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republic" and currently is called the "Russian Federation".

The name of the city "Great Rapid" could possibly be a reference to Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Also, the name "United Federation" could be a reference to the United States, along with its blue passport and its seal, which could be a conformed version of the United States seal.

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